Sunday, February 21, 2010

PEEP Bunny

Copyright 2010 Karin Netland-Weldon, Nolens Volens Knitting
**This is an untested pattern...please notify author of any errata in comments below.**
This is a pattern for a felted stuffed toy (finished dimensions 14" x 4"), knit entirely in garter stitch in 3 pieces, then felted. Its sparkly exterior is meant to be reminiscent of the sugary pink coating of the classic American Easter candy, the marshmallow PEEP.

Materials: Crystal Palace Yarns ICELAND (Super Bulky Wool), 245 yards
(approximately 2.25 skeins) in color 4891 "Strawberry Pink." Alternately, you may try a double strand of a worsted weight wool, such as Malabrigo Worsted (requiring twice the yardage).

Trendsetter AURA 245 yards (approximately 1.7 skeins) in Pink.
Any 100% worsted or bulky weight wool yarn in Black, 1 yard.

US 10 Straight knitting needles

Large embroidery needle


PEEP Front & Back Panels

Holding 1 strand of Wool yarn together with 1 strand of Aura, CO 15 stitches.
Row 1: Knit
Rows 2-11: Knit, increasing 1 stitch at both edges every other row x 5 (25 stitches)
Rows 12-32: Knit
Rows 33-42: Knit, decreasing 1 stitch at both edges every other row x 5 (15 stitches)
Rows 43-44: Knit
Rows 45-53: Knit, increasing 1 stitch at both edges every 3 rows x 3 (21 stitches)
Rows 54-60: Knit
Rows 61-68: Knit, decreasing 1 stitch at both edges every other row x 4 (13 stitches)
Row 69: Knit
Row 70-75: Knit, increasing 1 stitch at both edges every 3 rows x 2 (17 stitches)
Row 76-77: Knit
Row 78: Knit 8 (place on stitch holder), bind off 1 stitch, Knit 8
Row 79: Knit 8, Turn

For Each Ear:

Row 80-81: Knit
Rows 82-93: Knit, increasing 1 stitch on outer edge and decreasing 1 stitch
on inner edge every 3rd row x 4.
Rows 94-95: Knit
Row 96: Knit, decreasing at both edges x 1
Row 97: knit (6 stitches)
Row 98: bind off all 6 stitches.

Attatch yarn and repeat Rows 80-98 for second ear.

Repeat this panel to create back of PEEP.

Side Panel: Holding 1 strand of each yarn together, CO 10 stitches

Knit (garter stitch) until piece measures 50" from CO edge, or until piece is long enough to wrap edge of work. Bind off.


Using black wool, stitch eyes and nose to front panel, trying to replicate spacing on a typical marshmallow PEEP.

Holding 1 strand of wool together with 1 strand of Aura, sew side panel to PEEP front panel with eyes on outside. Then, leaving a small gap at the bottom back of PEEP(~ 2.5 inches), sew back panel to side panel.

Felt in machine washer. Stuff PEEP, being careful not to overstuff so that it will remain partially flat like the marshmallow PEEPs. Sew hole closed with AURA.


  1. Oh how adorable, I wish i knitted more :(

  2. Thank you so much for this free pattern. My husband loves the peeps and I will definitely be making this for him for Easter!


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